Jan 17, 2009

Disabling the fetchmsttfonts update

I learned about a new icon of the update applet yesterday, the blue one for optional updates. I wanted to say "I don't want this particular optional update, thank you". But how?
Short: to disable the fetchmsttfonts update, remove pullin-msttf-fonts.
YES # zypper rm pullin-msttf-fonts
I tried to add a lock on the patch, but it did not seem to have any effect.
NO  # zypper addlock --type=patch fetchmsttfonts     # or al -t patch
After looking in the raw update metadata (updateinfo.xml.gz), I found the solution: remove the package pullin-msttf-fonts, with the first mentioned command.
Curiously enough, also other guesses at adding locks do not work, in a different way:
OK  # zypper al fetchmsttfonts
This adds a lock for the new package that fetches the fonts. The lock actually does what I want, in a different way: it installs the patch but omits the new package. It is also the most obvious command.
NO  # zypper al pullin-msttf-fonts
This is different in that pullin-msttf-fonts is already installed. List-updates still lists the patch as needed but halts on a solver conflict when trying to install it. The locks seem to take effect only when committing the transaction, not when checking for the updates.

But still, I would like to have a clickety way for this. Am I spoiled?

Jan 10, 2009

YaST UI table usability

I've just watched my wife delete a repository in the YaST Qt UI: She right-clicked the table item, nothing. She pressed Delete, nothing. Only then she noticed the Delete push-button below the table.
Obviously we can improve the usability: Delete should be handled the same way as a function key so that YCP receives the `delete event. That would be quite easy. Maybe the context menu is doable too.