Aug 31, 2009

Printing Out Ruby Code

Task: producing a paper copy of a Ruby program to scribble on.

Try 1: a2ps. openSUSE has 4.13 which does not support Ruby (although 4.14 was released on 28-Dec-2007).

Try 2: enscript. No support for Ruby even in upstream (but there exists a patch for that on the Net).

Try 3: emacs. I was not able to produce a highlighted printout from Emacs :-(

Try 4: vim. :hardcopy does it, but it printed the keywords in light yellow on white.

Try 5: kwrite. Success. Yay!

Aug 26, 2009

ruby-dbus 0.2.9

I have released a tarball of 0.2.9 and updated the home page.

From NEWS: Ruby D-Bus "I'm not dead" 0.2.9 - 2009-08-26

Thank you to Paul and Arnaud for starting the project. I, Martin Vidner, am continuing with it on GitHub.
  • Fixed passing an array through a variant (no ticket).
  • Fixed marshalling "av" (Ticket #30).
  • Fixed variant alignment (Ticket #27).
  • Added DBus::Main.quit.
  • Mention the DBus interface in a NameError for an unknown method.
  • Fixed ruby-1.9 "warning: default `to_a' will be obsolete".
  • Added Rakefile and gemspec.

Aug 24, 2009

Git Aliases for Subversion Users

git config --global commit
git config --global checkout
git config --global status
git config --global alias.di diff
git config --global alias.dic diff\ --cached

Aug 11, 2009

cnetworkmanager 0.21

As I advertised in a previous post, cnetworkmanager got a complete rewrite, and here is a summary of the changes:

v0.21, User visible changes
  • Added screenshots.html.
  • Output in a tabular form (like Tambet's nmcli); --terse/-t to disable.
  • Added --wireless-enabled/--we.
  • Added --con-info.
  • For unimplemented device types, return "unknown", crash not (Kevin Fenzi).
  • Ignore AlreadyAsleepOrAwake error (-o).
  • Flags with zero value now output its name (NONE) instead of nothing.
  • Major rewrite:
  • Created a library wrapping the NM DBus API.
  • Created a generic library wrapping python-dbus.
    (both libraries are still quite messy)
  • Dropped support for NM 0.6.
    (the last trace is in the 'breakup' branch)
  • Connection setting:
    --activate-connection for system settings or another applet
    --connect for exporting a transient connection
  • knetworkmanager (KDE3) config reading dropped
  • Added a (basic) testsuite.
  • Switched to distutils.
BTW, I also pushed the git repo to Github so that you can enjoy the fork graphs. ( stays)