Mar 28, 2010

ruby-dbus 0.3.0 Works on Ubuntu

ruby-dbus has for a long time not worked on the default Ubuntu desktop. I thought I had fixed it in 0.2.12 but that was only for the server side. In fact, clients had another bug and I have released version 0.3.0 today to fix it.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed "undefined method `get_node' for nil:NilClass" on Ubuntu Karmic (Ticket#34).
  • Get the session bus address even if unset in ENV (Issue#4).
  • Improved exceptions a bit: UndefinedInterface, InvalidMethodName, NoMethodError, no RuntimeException
These are by Klaus Kaempf:
  • Make the signal dispatcher call all handlers (Issue#3).
  • Run on Ruby < 1.8.7 (Issue#2).
  • Avoid needless DBus::IncompleteBufferException (Ticket#33).
  • Don't ignore DBus Errors in request_service, raise them (Ticket#32).
  • Automatic signature inference for variants.
  • Introduced FormalParameter where a plain pair had been used.
RPMs can be found via Webpin.