Sep 24, 2009

openSUSE Conference 2009 Notes: Thursday

Here are my notes from the first day of last week's openSUSE Cponference 2009. I am not happy with the form of the notes, but better now and imperfect than polished but 6 months later. Please notify me if you find errors.

Thanks to all who stood up to talk about their work! Not only code matters.

Thu 10:30 - Weekly News (Sascha 'saigkill' Manns)

slides: odp pdf

The slides have all the info.

how to contribute:
  • add a section, fill it with news
  • blog about stuff, to get picked up
  • translate or coordinate a translation
(there's a list of languages most wanting help)

A major part of slides shows how to help with translation.
There are tools to help with that:
- a script in home:dl9pf:newsletter
- Gobby, a collaborative editor

irc channel

About Sascha: he is geeky-quiet, reads the slides.
But he goes forward and is not put back by imperfections in his English.
(And you may remember his tireless packaging enterprises from

Thu 10:30 - Apport (did not attend)

Uploads crash reports to a database. Already in 11.1 but not by default.

Thu 11:30 - Ambassador Program (Zonker)

web (no slides)

To be an ambassador:
  • sign up
  • have a plan
  • membership is not required
  • organize a party, booth, launch party (11.2 on Nov 12)
  • participate in a Linux User Group
Where to spend $ on small events?
  • ambassadors will decide, wanting cost effective impact
What if you want a Novell speaker at your event?
  • it comes from their travel budget, not from the Ambassador budget
How to find a local ambassador?
Q: can ambassadors take feedback about barriers to oS adoption?
A: there is no process for that, give feedback directly to developers [ :-( ]

Thu 13:30 - libyui (Bubli)

Q (R Max): can its main loop integrate with a select on FDs?
A: no [ but not hard? ]

Thu 14:30 - openSUSE Infrastructure (Klaas Freitag)

[see slides]
Lists a cloud of existing services
Lists ideas for future services
Wants "more structure and integration" - for 3 target groups:
- newbies
- users
- geeks (developers)
Proposal for web navigation [photo of slide]. See it!
Demoes Tom's Dashboard: plugins for Studio, Bugzilla, RSS (-> OBS via Hermes)

Thu 15:30 - Software Portal (Benjamin benJIman Weber, Pascal yaloki Bleser)