Feb 8, 2007

picasa + suse: ulimit -v unlimited

I installed Picasa on openSUSE 10.2 but it would not start.

After some playing with WINEDEBUG=1 and strace I noticed many failures of mmap. Kissed by the debugging muse I tried ulimit -v unlimited and that was it. Problem solved. See also SOFTVIRTUALLIMIT in /etc/sysconfig/ulimit.

Level 2: take the directory with 3500 images and sort it somehow.


Shak said...

Hey Martin,

Thanks for publishing your tip on using Google Picasa with OpenSUSE 10.2; I tried running "ulimit -v unlimited" and setting SOFTVIRTUALLIMIT to 0 in /etc/sysconfig/ulimit

Instead of nothing, I got the license dialog. Upon accepting the agreement, I got nothing. Now I'm back to getting nothing when try to load Picasa.

Maybe I should simply find an open source photo organizer...

Daniel Shakhmundes
Decrypting Reality

vimal said...

Hi shak,
Remove or rename your .picasa folder. It should work


skaap said...

Are you running: ulimit -v unlimited &&/opt/picasa/bin/picasa (or ulimit -v unlimited &&{path to your picasa installation}/bin/picasa) ?