Apr 18, 2008

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 1: Is that the murderer's name and address in the victim's hand?

As Beta 1 is getting mirrored, I am excited to tell you about obscure parts of the installation that I hope you will never see.

YaST does not crash. Never. Well, only rarely. Especially not during the initial installation. Seldom. So what do we do when it does? We want the backtrace and the debugging logs. So before 11.0 we would ask you to please let it crash again, but with some special options to produce the backtrace and the debugging info. Spoils the fun.

Since Alpha 2 YaST will take care of the backtrace. Since Beta 1, it will also produce tons of the debugging messages, but throw most of them away and only show the last few of them in case of a crash. Reporting a bug has become much easier!

This has actually helped us already in debugging one crash that blocked the release of Beta 1, bug 380283. If you want to see for yourself, search the log for "got signal". The next line says "Liberating suppressed debugging messages" and afterwards there is "Back trace".

References: FATE#302167, FATE#302166.

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