Jun 25, 2008

Cultural Exchange: First Blood

I decided to expand my horizons and install Ubuntu on my main work computer. So today I offer you the first notes from my observations.

mutt somehow stopped tracking new mails. Fortunately :set check_mbox_size on works around that.

My subversion working copy from openSUSE was created with svn 1.5 but Hardy has only 1.4. So I manually got debs from the coming Intrepid release, and luckily 3 of them were enough: dpkg -i {subversion,libsvn1,libneon27-gnutls}*.deb from here and here.


Christian Boltz said...

Is the partition containing the mails mounted with 'noatime'? (mutt is known to abuse the atime for things it shouldn't ;-)

If 'noatime' is used, switch to 'relatime' (see man mount for a very nice comment ;-)

Martin Vidner said...

Thanks for the tip. It has 'relatime' and the weird thing is that it works again today.