Jul 7, 2008

Cultural Exchange 3: First .deb

Started to build YaST. Managed to compile yast2-core. Now going to make it repeatable by properly packaging the dependencies. The first one is blocxx. Bleeding edge stuff is in the Build Service: home:mvidner:debian. The post How to make debian standard debs from scratch was much helpful.

Tried to print and failed miserably. The setup tool would not work with a remote CUPS printer, kept asking for my password. Switching AppArmor from enforcement to complain mode did not help, nor did disabling it.

The development package for openssl is libssl-dev (openSUSE: libopenssl-devel). http://packages.debian.org/ helps with that.

Perl packages, named perl-Foo-Bar on openSUSE, are usually named libfoo-bar-perl on Debian.

Packaging system started to complain that packages cannot be verified.

(Cultural Exchange is my long term project of working with Ubuntu instead of openSUSE. TODO: make a permanent index page.)

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