Jul 2, 2010

Helping Newcomers

Since the discussion (do check out the linked paper, BTW) and the opensuse-women announcement, I've been thinking about how to make the openSUSE community more friendly to women.

I think one good way is to make sure that new people feel welcome when they join a conversation, be it on the forums, on IRC or on the mailing lists. Now this would be easier if we all had infinite time to read and answer all questions, but as we don't, I decided to focus somehow.

The forums provide a handy shortcut for the focus, labeling a user who made few posts as a "Puzzled Penguin". So I've made a simple service, a feed of http://forums.opensuse.org showing only the posts by newcomer users: http://vidner.net/martin/software/rss-creator-blacklist

(Actually right now it does not show Puzzled Penguins only but instead excludes the 100 most-posting users until I learn how to optimize the PHP code.)

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Martin Vidner said...

I have now expanded the list of filtered users to show only the Puzzled Penguins, using this script.