Aug 10, 2010

Who does not want such a gift

This post is showing naked women packaged as a present (for openSUSE's 5th birthday) and asks Ah... who does not want such a gift, eh.

I believe that the female users and contributors of openSUSE don't. It reduces them to pretty things, judged on their looks instead of their contribution.

Raul, please stop such sexist postings. Your blog is your own, but keep it out from Planet openSUSE.

Just in case common sense is not enough, let me quote for reference the relevant section of the openSUSE Guiding Principles:

We value... respect for other persons and their contributions, for other opinions and beliefs. We listen to arguments and address problems in a constructive and open way. We believe that a diverse community based on mutual respect is the base for a creative and productive environment enabling the project to be truly successful. We don't tolerate social discrimination and aim at creating an environment where people feel accepted and safe from offense.
and the activities in order to excel in our goals: Emphasize the value of communication and recognize cultural diversity within our community.


initialzero said...

Thanks for speaking out against this blatant sexism.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your support and for posting this. I appreciate it, really.

It was originally me who pointed the "special" 5th anniversary blogpost linked above out. Disregarding the fact whether I myself find it disrespectful, I'm strongly convinced that middle page of Playboy (unlike PlanetSUSE)) is the appropriate place for these pics. After all, people who find such content inappropriate and offensive usually don't buy this kind of magazines.

When pics of half-naked bunnies pop right into my face while browsing through PlaneSUSE (unlike Playboy magazine), something has just gone wrong

jsuchome said...

Good point.

IMHO, such argument is good against pornography business in principle.

Anonymous said...

Lots of homosexuals in the Linux community would be offended as well. Why not some hot beefy studs trying to mount each other?

Tamás Márton said...

I guess some female users do like it. Displaying something in some way, does not necessarily reduce it to that one thing.
Was it a good idea? No.
Was it a terrible sexist post? Not either.
Having a culturally heterogeneous community does not mean, that from now you can not display whatever fits yours.
I think the point is to let people all over express themselves with whatever they choose to use, unless they do harm.
And by harm i don't mean "it hurts my feelings" kind of.
I personally dislike the picture for more than one reason.
It depicts 3 girls which is to much for my taste. Keep it two at maximum,
They are not really my type. A more diverse group would have been nicer.
The picture's quality is bad. Not actually a very bad work, But please it can be done much better with some extra effort.
Thinking that everyone would want such a present is dumb.

I do not blame the guy tho. It is his way. And that is fine with me.
Be a bit more open minded please. And consider it, as a positive message. Women are all that Man are, capable of the same level. And they are beautiful to that to, Appreciate that.
And who knows maybe 2011 will bring us three men in a box wearing just a thong :D